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    Engine install and cowl fitting





    The RV has been getting a lot of attention in the last week. The engine has been mounted on the airframe, the cowl is being fit with quarter turn fasteners (mechanics LOVE them!), and the new defrost ducting and plenum has been installed. Plans have been made for the new paint scheme and the prep work for paint will begin next week.


    Coming together

    The RV-9A is coming along nicely. The firewall with its new heater plenum for cold Wisconsin winters has been riveted in place with a few other items hanging on as well. The new engine mount/nose gear assembly is installed and the through-the-firewall wiring is pulled and ready to mate to the engine. 

    Speaking of engine, the overhauled Lycoming O-320 with factory new cylinders and pistons is nearly ready to install.

    The final piece of the airframe repair is the canopy. The rear glass is in and the main canopy is being fit to the frame.


    Firewall Fix

    The new firewall and forward belly skin have been prepared and fitted for riveting on to the airframe.




    Together again

    The RV is starting to look like an airplane again. We have received most of the parts we need to put it back together and have riveted the fuselage together and put on the new tail and horizontal stabilizer. 


    Rebuilding a Van's RV-9A

    Our project RV before the accidentThis past week we began work on an RV-9A that flipped over after landing on a soft grass field. While the pilot and passenger were unhurt, the airplane was not so fortunate. The insurance company totaled out the airplane and it was purchased at auction by one of our customers. Since the flip kinked several skins just aft of the canopy, but left the wings unharmed, we decided it would be easier to simply drill out the rivets at the bulkhead that hold the tail cone to the fuselage and split the airframe front and back to move it to Oshkosh, rather than remove two perfectly good wings only to re-attach them upon arrival. The added bonus was that we did much of the initial work for repairing the aircraft when we picked it up from the sight of the accident to bring it to Oshkosh. 

    Just after removing the (sand and dirt covered) Lycoming O-320

    The rebuild will include an in-house overhaul of the Lycoming O-320 with some possible upgrades, new engine mount and firewall, new canopy, replacing parts of the tail and several skins, and some panel upgrades. 





    As of today, the engine, engine mount, and firewall have been removed, and the bulkhead aft of the canopy has been repaired and will soon be ready to put back on the airframe.