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    April Status Update 

    While there is not much visible progress on the Pitts here at Myers, work is being done "behind the scenes." We have received airframe parts from Jim Kimball Enterprizes, and will soon be receiving the wood kit to reconstruct the top wing and repair the lower wings. The engine is currently undergoing teardown inspection by M-14P Inc.


    Engine Removal

    In addition to the airframe repairs, the engine is coming off of the airplane and being sent to M-14P Incorporated for a teardown inspection to make sure that nothing was damaged internally.


    Wing Work

    We've got the Pitts Model 12 unloaded and have started working on inspection and inventorying the parts that will need to be replace and what can be repaired. The wings have been carefully cut open (We'll keep the fabric to use as a guide for repainting later) and the structure inspected. We will order the wood  to rebuild this wing and repair one of the lower wings from Jim Kimball Enterprizes in Zellwood Florida.


    Picking Up a Pitts Project

    We've got some work ahead of us. Today we picked up a Pitts Model 12 that got into a little trouble on take-off. The engine will be coming off for inspection, the landing gear will get a good hard look, and our "fabric repairs division" will have lots to do as we rebuild the upper wing and repair the lower wings. Watch for updates as we work on getting this bird back into flying shape!