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    What's Going On At Myers Aviation


    Navajo Camera Port modification

    In March we started a unique project that will be very close to finished by the time you read this. We have been working on putting two great big holes in a perfectly good airplane! You have probably noticed that many mapping websites offer overhead imagery with their street maps. The fine detail at the highest zoom settings is most often captured with a camera mounted in an airplane such as the Piper Navajo in our hangar. The STC’d modification*—which we have installed several times in the past—puts two large holes about 20 inches in diameter in the belly of the Navajo. The aircraft can hold different types of cameras for various photo missions, while special removable floor panels allow it to carry passengers when not doing photo work.

    *The STC is owned by J.D. Hoogstra. Find out more at his website under "Additional Products"

     1. Navajo before modification






    2. Rough-cutting the a hole with a plasma cutter








     3. Sheet metal expert Lee rivets up the many doublers required to maintain strength.








     4. New floor panels for camera installation


    Engine on!

    We have just finished up the engine and prop install. The new engine is a geared P&W 1340 built up by Covington Aircraft, and the new Hamilton Standard Prop is significantly larger than the old. The Air Tractor will be in the shop for a few more weeks to fix a fuel tank, address corrosion issues, install new tires, and complete an annual inspection.


    More Power!

    Before...One of our customers runs a crop dusting business, Stone's Aerial Applicator Service. His weapon of choice for battling bugs and weeds is Air Tractor's venerable AT-401, a Pratt & Witney R1340-powered, 400 gallon force to be reckoned with. This particular airplane was added to Stone's fleet last season, but it isn't able to carry a full load into the sky in its current configuration. The solution to the problem? We will be swapping the current engine and prop with a geared engine swinging a much larger prop. With three A&P mechanics that started skinning their knuckles on Basler Airlines  radial-powered DC-3's, we can have this tractor ready for the fields of Wisconsin with time to spare!Getting ready for the new engine and prop


    Picking Up a Pitts Project

    We've got some work ahead of us. Today we picked up a Pitts Model 12 that got into a little trouble on take-off. The engine will be coming off for inspection, the landing gear will get a good hard look, and our "fabric repairs division" will have lots to do as we rebuild the upper wing and repair the lower wings. Watch for updates as we work on getting this bird back into flying shape! 


    Engine install and Elevator Repair

    Remember the firewall that was being repaired last week? Well, in the past week the nose gear and rudder pedals were reinstalled, the engine was mounted, and the engine baffling was repaired and installed. Currently, the engine installation is being finalized and the panel is getting a GPS to replace the useless LORAN unit that was just taking up space.

    After replacing a worn flap bracket on a Beechcraft Baron 55, our resident sheetmetal expert finished re-skinning an elevator that was damaged when the aircraft was backed into a hangar by an unattended tug. Notice the custom-made jig holding the elevator straight. This is one of several specialty jigs we have in the shop to ensure that all of our repairs are as straight and true as factory new.