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    What's Going On At Myers Aviation


    Engines, Airframe, Avionics

    Variety. That's a good word to describe the types of projects that we work on here. Whether it's working on engines, fabricating and riveting sheet metal parts, completing inspections, painting airplanes, or recovering a wreck from a beet field, what we do is never "same-old, same-old."


    For example, today we had mechanics riveting a new firewall onto a Cessna 172 that slid into a snowbank and collapsed the nose gear. This will be followed up with installing the engine, mounting the wings, intalling the interior, and touching up the paint.


    Not far away, two more mechanics were disassembling a pair of engines from a wrecked Cessna 337 Skymaster. Using the parts on the two engines and our own supply of spare parts, they now have one complete engine ready for overhaul and more spare parts for inventory.


    In another corner, a Beechcraft Baron 58 was getting a new engine monitoring system installed. The JPI EDM 760 monitors exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, and fuel flow (other options are available).  With the optional fuel flow data being sent to the King KLN90B GPS, the operator will be able to see how much fuel will be required to reach the next waypoint or the final destination programmed in the GPS.


    Back in the office, Steve worked on repair estimates for an RV-6A in Iowa and a Bonanza in western Wisconsin in between answering emails to customers looking for spare parts and maintenance suggestions. 

    Just another day at the hangar.

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