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    Low Time Piper Comanche 250 SOLD

    1958 Piper Comanche  N5376P

    Model: PA-24-250

    s/n: 24-426

    Airframe Total Time   1350

    Engine TT  1350

    Engine SMOH  540

    Prop Since NEW <5 !     

    Parting out a 1966 Piper PA28-140 Cherokee 140

    We recently purchased a 1966 Piper Cherokee 140 that had a gear up--actually a "gear-off"--landing when a passing semi-truck sheared off the landing gear while it was on short final. The wings are in remarkably good shape, with only torn skins around the gear attach points as the gear sheared off neatly at the bolts. The interior is in good shape, having been redone in the last 10 years.

    • Interior - Complete carpets and sidepanels $400 
    • Seats - Nice looking, newer leather and upholstery $700
    • Instrument panel trim cover - Newer plastic in great shape $85 LH and $85 RH
    • King KY97A radio and tray works great - $1,400
    • EDO-Aire audio panel/marker beacon receiver - $50
    • Stabilator - $1,200
    • Stabilator trim tabs - $300 each
    • Rudder - $700
    • Rudder pedals - complete set $375





    Parting out a Ryan Navion B

    We recently bought a 1950 Navion B to part out. 

    TTAF 3040


    • Tail feathers all in good shape
    • Canopy very good
    • Interior and seats are nice, recovered 1998
    • Wingtip tanks and ailerons are in good shape
    • Most of the gear parts are still good
    • IO-550 installation (mount damaged)



    SOLD--S-TEC 55x Autopilot system 

    As removed from salvage Cessna 182P no gyro included. Computer powers up, no other components tested. Pitch servo mounting brackets bent, but servos are in good visual condition. System installed in 2011, removed from A/C in 2013. See pictures below for complete details.


    SOLD---Lycoming IO-360-C1C for sale 0 SMOH

    We have a Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 for sale that we have just recently overhauled. The work was done by our in-house "engine guy"-an A&P IA who has done nearly one hundred overhauls and prop strike inspections for us in the 24 years he has worked here.

    All the steel parts are certified by Aircraft Specialties and the case was overhauled by DivCo, Inc. All accessories and fuel system components were overhauled by RLB Accessories. Overhauled Bendix magnetos were installed with new Air Boss ignition harnesses.

    The engine was built up with reconditioned cylinders only 211 hours since factory remanufacture. Cylinders were disassembled, cleaned, inspected, honed, valves refaced, and seats ground before reassembly and install.

    (Click for logbook entry and yellow tags)

    Includes everything shown in the photos below.

    Engine total time since Factory Remanufacture is 2380. We have complete logs going back to the factory reman. 

    Time to overhaul your engine? We could replace your run-out core with this engine and have you flying again in no time!


    $24,750 outright / $19,750 exchange


    1979 Mooney M20K Project or part-out for sale

    We've just purchased a Mooney M20K to part out our sell outright. We will consider offers to purchase the entire airframe (without avionics, data plate, or airworthiness certificate), engine, and prop until April 26, 2015. On Monday, April 27 we will begin parting out to those who have contacted us about specific parts or assemblies.

    Mooney M20K s/n:25-0101  AFTT 4283.3

    Continental TSIO360-LB s/n: 247228-R  ETT/SMOH: 2261.4

    Hartzell PHC-J3YF-1RF s/n: FP6365B  PTTSN/SPOH: 1315.5

    See slideshow below for detailed pictures

    Aircraft specs

    • Clean interior with nice carpet, good plastic, and leather seats
    • King Autopilot
    • GAMI injectors
    • Bendix Mags
    • Engine monitor
    • Recent strobe upgrade
    • Empenage in good shape
    • ailerons and flaps in good shape
    • Complete function test of aircraft systems and engine run 4-13-2015  

    Delivery available 

    The aircraft was flown regularly, about 200 hours per year during the last five years. The aircraft suffered a stressed wing during a flight in inclement weather and was deemed a total loss due to the cost to reubild or replace the wing. The upper cowling has some cracking in the gel coat and the LH outboard main gear door was damaged as well. 


    SOLD---1980 Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Airframe only 


    For sale is a Great Lakes model 2T-1A-2 biplane complete airframe from firewall aft. Airplane was annualled May of 2014 and suffered a ground loop incident in fall 2014 damaging the firewall, wings, and forward fuselage. The engine and prop were sold separately. Sale includes complete logbooks. Does not include radios or data plate. 


    • Model: 2T-1A-2    S/N: 0829
    • AFTT: 1159 hours 
    • Last annual May 2014
    • Cleveland wheels and brakes
    • New Goodyear tires and tubes at annual
    • Scott 3200 tailwheel
    • Flight instruments included
    • Engine instruments included
    • No Radios
    • Fuselage aft of boot cowl appears ok
    • Rudder ok
    • Horizontals and LH elevator ok
    • RH elevator damaged
    • Wings and ailerons damaged
    • Firewall and engine mount damaged



    Beech Model 23 Musketeer PARTING OUT **VERY CLEAN**

    We recently aquired a low-time Beech Musketeer project that was undergoing a restoration with many new and overhauled parts. Included in the sale is the complete airframe minus engine, prop, avionics, and a few of the flight instruments. Includes logbooks and very thorough records of new parts.

    *The former owner has a Cessna model 172A that he restored to EAA Airventure Grand Champion quality and was on his way to doing the same with this airframe.


    Beech Model 23 S/N M-489

    AFTT 1689

    Overhauled engine mount and nose gear

    New main gear, tires, brakes, master cylinders

    Wings and control surfaces in very good shape

    New headliner

    All new interior plastic trim painted and ready for install

    New glass including windshield

    Panel materials for making your custom radio stack!

    Complete new exhaust including muffler 

    Cowling, and several new fairings

    Check out the pictures for more details.

    This is a great project for somebody who doesn't want to spend a lot of time making new parts or repairing damaged parts. It's mostly reassembling the new and overhauled parts to make a very nice and comfortable cruiser or trainer.





    SOLD!!--Cessna 177B Cardinal 

    We have just finished up the annual inspection on a "straight-legged" Cessna Cardinal and it's ready to sell! See below for specifics and lots of pictures.

    Airframe total time: 3640

    Engine TSMOH: 829 (March 2000)

    Prop Time SMOH: 171
    Fresh Annual Inspection Oct. 2013
    • Garmin GNC 300XL GPS
    • King KX155 nav/com 
    • King KX170B w/Glideslope
    • King KN 64 DME
    • King KT76A transponder
    • Cessna 300 Navomatic Autopilot
    • Sigtronics intercom
    • Interior 9 out of 10 (new in 1997)
    • All glass replaced in 1996
    • Rosen Sun Visors
    • Shoulder Harnesses
    • Fuel Scan 450 Fuel Flow
    • EI 4-Cylinder EGT
    • Digital Tachometer
    • Digital Manifold PSI
    • Wheel fairings
    • Speed fairings
    • Strobes
    • Complete log books
    PRICE $55,000.00



    Parting out a P-35 Bonanza

    We are parting out a P-35 Bonanza. This airplane has a great radio stack and other avionics. Parts available include:

    • Garmin 530W w/ Garmin 106A CDI, tray and connectors, antennas SOLD
    • King KX155 w/ King 209 CDI, tray and connectors, antenna SOLD
    • King KMA 24 Audio Panel  SOLD
    • King KT76A Transponder  SOLD

    S-TEC System 50 2-Axis Autopilot w/ GPS Steering add-on (includes Turn Coordinator and DG)

    All Avionics removed with wiring harnesses marked and only a few wires cut

    • Interior panels
    • PS 1000 intercom system SOLD
    • Strobe powerpack
    • Main Gear and doors
    • Gear motor
    • Flap motor
    • Ruddervators
    • Complete exhaust (2 years since rebuilt!)
    • Beryl D'Shannon Air oil Separator
    • Beryl D'Shannon speed sloped windshield
    • NO prop
    • NO Nose gear